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The fact that you are reading this means you are looking for an Abaqus tutor to take your training sessions. A reputable online Abaqus tutor will help you master Abaqus and even help you with assignments when needed. Should you decide to learn Abaqus online, you enjoy the benefits of having access to your tutor round the clock and 7 days a week depending on your mutual agreement with them.

What Is Abaqus And Why Do You Need An Abaqus Tutor?

Abaqus is a sophisticated software used finite element analysis (FEA). This software is designed to provide user with top quality and high performance in solving simulation problems compared to other competing software. It is therefore correct to state that Abaqus ranks top as the most comprehensive FEA tools. This claim is backed by the fact that it is the best-selling FEA software in the market today. The software comes with a suite comprising of three main products, which include Standard, CAE, as well as Explicit.

Each of these options also comes with a special package comprised of optional modules, which provide users with certain capabilities that they may need. Abaqus runs on Windows, Linux, and UNIX while at the same time being compatible with 64-bit Itanium CPU. Among the functions that can be performed with this FEA software are implicit, modal and explicit analysis and linear coupled with nonlinear static and transient functions.

This is in addition to a wide range of o multibody and Multiphysics simulation methods. With Abaqus, users can easily add new modules of material response to the primary set of modelling features such as soils constitutive, among other Civil Engineering materials. In fact, Abaqus is equipped with almost all the capabilities that are required for high-fidelity structural analysis, including explicit dynamic capabilities as well as large-deformation response.

The use of Abaqus also known as ABACUS, allows problems to be set up and interpreted using certain parametric modelling functions, highly efficient visualization and different support tools. Simply put, Abaqus can be defined as a software suite designed for computer-aided engineering as well as finite element analysis. The core products offered by the Abaqus suite include:

  • Abaqus/CAE (Computer Abaqus Environment): This application is primarily used for analysis and modelling of advanced mechanical components as well as pre-processing in addition to visualizing results of finite element analysis.
  • Abaqus/standard: The general-purpose finite-element employ implicit integration scheme.
  • Abaqus/explicit: This is a highly advanced and special-purpose finite element analyser used to employ explicit integration scheme to solve complex nonlinear systems based on transient loans featuring numerous complex contacts.
  • Abaqus/CFD: This feature is used in advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities that are made possible by the computational fluid dynamics software coupled with efficient support for post-processing as well as the pre-processing.

    Abaqus/Electromagnetic: Computational electromagnetic software application makes solving advanced computation electromagnetic problems seamless.

    Upon completing your Abaqus training, some of the areas where you can put your skills to use include automotive, aerospace, as well as in the production of industrial products. Abaqus is also widely used in academic institutions due to the fact that it is easy to customize coupled with its wide material modelling capability. This highly advanced software allows finite-element analysis to be completed in three distinct stages. These stages are:

  • Pre-processing/modelling: this step entails the creation of the input files, which are the designs by the engineer.
  • Processing/FEA: At this stage, and output visual file is produced.
  • Post processing, report generation, image, and animation: This is simply a visual rendering stage.
  • <2>Abaqus Tutoring services

    Abaqus training for beginners usually starts with a simple Abaqus tutorial for beginners. To start with, the learner must understand what Abaqus is all about and why they should consider learning it a priority. As described above, Abaqus can be described as a limited aspect analysis plan that helps to simulate reactions of structures and other strong bodies to load, thermal tension, effects, as well as imitating the outcome of simulations.

    Why Learn Abaqus?

  • The user-friendly preprocessor /CAE user interface facilitates a fast learning curve
  • Abaqus comes with the unrivalled contact analysis capability to facilitate seamless modelling of assemblies with reliable outcomes precision.
  • Abaqus features a robust set of analysis functions hosted by the basic bundle and no extra cost on add-ons as is the case with other software after purchasing the basic bundle.
  • Abaqus is an advanced non-linear and specific solver that makes it easier to assemble intricate non-linear issues
  • This CEA application is renowned for its comprehensive product designs that make managing advanced engineering issues that other software application cannot handle seamlessly. This is due to the fact that it is equipped with the unparalleled versatility to handle the provided subroutines to perform analysis beyond its ability.

  • Its advanced fracture and failure algorithms that help to anticipate facture course, despite the mesh borders. It is highly recommended that you get an Abaqus meshing tutorial to study on your own to supplement on what is taught by the Abaqus tutor. This makes it easier for you to understand complex concepts such as the Abaqus mesh.
  • Needless to point out, another reason to learn Abaqus is that of its acclaimed spot as in high-efficiency computing.
  • Abaqus is compatible with the leading CAD systems such as SolidWorks, CATIA, and many more.
  • When it comes to supporting multi-physics, Abaqus ranks high.
  • Abaqus features sophisticated token that runs other SIMULIA software application simulations tools on the same platform of tokens such as Fe-safe used in innovative tiredness, TOSCA applied in the optimization of non-parametric as well as Insight ideal for procedure circulation automation coupled with parametric optimization.

SIMULIA Abaqus Features

In an endeavour to create new and highly advanced products, manufacturers across the globe are bombarded with a torrent of challenges such as cost reduction, globalization, as well as shorter development cycles. To avert such challenges, manufacturers are now taking advantage of the vast capabilities that come with realistic simulation to drastically reduce the reliance on physical testing and adopt alternative materials in the design phase for exceptional product performance.

What is Abaqus Unified FEA Solution?

One reason why SIMULIA has gained much traction is its scalable suite featuring a set of analysis products design to help users with any level of expertise in simulation to collaborate and share simulation data coupled with a wide range of approved techniques without compromising information fidelity.

This suite comes with highly advanced and complete solutions ideal for sophisticated as well as advanced engineering tasks involving a wide range of industrial applications. With statistics indicating a wide range of companies that are now benefiting from the use of Abaqus Unified FEA, it is easy to understand why the need for quality Abaqus tutors is on the rise.

Advanced Analysis with Abaqus

Linear and Nonlinear

Abaqus, renowned for its highly advanced technology is suitable in solving both static and low-speed dynamic events including sealing pressure in gasket joints as well as in the propagation of cracks in the composite plane fuselage.

Besides being utilized for its ability to provide both basic and advanced linear analysis, Abaqus is known to support the general application of linear analysis techniques. This includes scenarios whereby the linear response is depended on the previous non-linear load history that could including vibrations from rotating machines or how a building structure responds to earthquake loading.

Abaqus comes equipped with explicit solution technology that is perfectly built for high-speed dynamic events including car crashworthiness, ballistic impact, as well as consumer electronics drop testing among many more. A comprehensive Abaqus tutorial should help you learn this concept on your own. However, if you have a hard time understanding how to use this technology, consider hiring the services of an Abaqus tutor.

Abaqus Multiphysics

Today, a wide range of industrial applications are all about the interaction of several physical phenomena including combining thermal, piezo-electric, structural, as well as fluid effects. For instance, the performance of an air-spring is as the result of the structural strength of the reinforced rubber as well as the interaction with the pressurized air.

To be applicable in such scenario, Abaqus is equipped with sophisticated multiphysics capabilities such as thermal-electrical, structural-acoustics, thermal-stress, low-frequency as well as methodologies used to represent fluids such as smoother-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) coupled with combined Euler-Lagrangian (CEL).

Why Learn Abaqus

Before commencing on your search for an Abaqus tutor, it is important that you understand why Abaqus training is important and where the skills acquired can be applied.

  • Thanks to its easy-to-use pre-processors as well as the GUI customization toolset, Abaqus offers a faster learning curve.
  • Abaqus comes with a highly advanced contact analysis capability that makes modelling of assemblies not only easy but with improved accuracy.
  • With a set of analysis features available with the standard version, Abaqus training becomes cost-effective since there are no expensive add-ons to purchase.
  • The highly accurate nonlinear solvers make converging advanced non-linear problems quite easily.
  • Abaqus can easily handle complex engineering problems, unlike other software. Your expertise will, however, depend on the quality of your Abaqus tutor and how often you practice with the software.
  • Abaqus is the market leader in high performance computing
  • Abaqus is the market leader where multiphysics support is concerned
  • Availability of reputable technical support will help you solve a complex problem without engaging your Abaqus tutor.
  • Abaqus High-Performance Computing

    High-performance computing means that the analysis turnaround times is drastically reduced to facilitate the examination of detailed design scenarios. The inclusion of distributed memory parallels direct solver technology results in an entirely new benchmark by demonstrating remarkable scaling coupled with robustness.

    What is an Abaqus Training Course About?

    Most people, especially those who have successfully finished their college and now in different jobs still feel the urge to invest in Abaqus training or at least know about it. However, they do not always manage to enrol in formal training institutions due to strict work schedules and as such; online Abaqus tutors are the best alternative. One advantage of opting to learn Abaqus online is that you get customized courses.

    Who should learn Abaqus?

    Abaqus training is recommended for individuals who little or no idea regarding its usage. Abaqus training is also ideal for anyone wishing to boost their knowledge in this engineering topic to further implement the teaching.

    What to expect from an online Abaqus Tutor

    Your Abaqus tutor will most definitely start by helping you understand what Abaqus is all about. In fact, chances are that they will share with you an introduction to Abaqus tutorial to get you started. As you advance through the course, your tutor will guide you through complex topics such as Abaqus dynamic analysis and Abaqus simulation among other topics. Once you complete your Abaqus training online you can use your skills in a wide range of industries including aerospace and automotive industries among others.

    In brief, your Abaqus tutor will cover the following:

  • A basic idea of Abacus FEA
  • Connection between Abaqus and engineering
  • Elaborate how you can use the Abaqus effectively
  • Once you decide to enrol in an established Abaqus training online company, always ensure that it provides excellent services to learners. Of course, such a company should have a team of Abaqus tutors ready to guide you through the training sessions. Most companies will allow you to choose your preferred Abaqus tutor based on your convenience.

    To learn Abaqus online, you must schedule your lessons via platforms such as Skype or webinars with your Abaqus tutor. Some companies will have their own live tutoring platform equipped with video chats, file sharing, and screen-sharing capabilities. Abaqus training online allows you to attend sessions in the comfort of your home or office and at times convenient to you. This eliminates the extra cost and time incurred travelling to an offline training facility. Due to time constraints, an online Abaqus tutor will mainly focus on valuable and easy to learn sessions complemented by tutorial materials such as Abaqus tutorial for beginners.

    Abaqus training offered online must be comprehensive to include both basic and complex topics as the introduction to modelling and analysis capabilities of the software. Your Abaqus tutor must teach you how to solve the linear and nonlinear problem, view and analyse simulation results using the software’s interface.

    Below are the topics covered in Abaqus training:-

  • Linear/nonlinear structural analysis
  • Contact modelling
  • Static/dynamic as well as heat transfer analysis
  • Selection of elements based on the problem at hand
  • Material models
  • Mesh generation
  • Feature-based modelling
  • Creation, submission and monitoring analysis
  • Restarting analysis
  • Your Abaqus tutor will divide the training sessions into lectures, demonstrations, and workshops. Workshops are a crucial part of Abaqus training as they provide learners with the experience of running as well as troubleshooting real Abaqus analysis.

    Abaqus training is recommended for user who really on the software to create models. To enrol in Abaqus training online, one is not required to have any prior knowledge although some basics of finite elements and continuum mechanics will make learning Abaqus easier.

    Benefits of Abaqus Training Online

    Interactive platforms

    Most companies offering Abaqus training online do so through various multimedia courses. Your tutor will provide you with examples with the aim of helping you are to learn Abaqus through engineering examples. These examples are usually tailored to address specific points while at the same time being easily comprehensible for Abaqus beginners.

    Different Forms of Tutorials

    There are tons of different Abaqus tutorials including Abaqus meshing tutorial, introduction to Abaqus, Finite element analysis tutorial, and Abaqus tutorial for beginners among others. These tutorials are designed to introduce learners to different sections and features of Abaqus. Seasoned Abaqus tutors will strive to come up with a detailed yet easy to understand tutorials. These tutorials can be shared during the live tutoring sessions of beforehand to give learners time to go through them on their own.

    Video Tutorials

    Once you decide to learn Abaqus online, you enjoy access to a vast range of free video tutorials. Python Scripts for Abaqus learn by example and element deletion being the most common. As you progress through the training, the number of video tutorials will increase gradually.

    Training for the novices and experts

    Online Abaqus tutorials usually cover all users’ rights from those with zero knowledge of the software, to the expert users who interact with the software every now and then. Regardless of your level of expertise, you can be sure to find the right Abaqus tutor to take you through the desired training.

    Affordable services

    Compared to traditional training, learning Abaqus online is kind to your wallet. To begin with, due to the wide range of Abaqus tutors to choose from, chances are you will come across one with competitive rates. This is in addition to eliminating other costs such as transport and the time spent from your work schedule to attend the sessions. Abaqus training online allows you to attend the sessions in the comfort of your home or office and at time convenient for you. You also enjoy access to a wide range of tutoring materials free of charge that would have otherwise cost you additional cash to buy in an offline setting.

    Access to Discussion forums

    Discussion forums allow you interact with other Abaqus users from all over the globe. If you have a burning question on a problem you find hard to crack, you can pose it on these forums where other users can help you out. Online forums are also great platforms to access quality tutorials on complex topics at no cost.


    As noted earlier on this post, Abaqus is a renowned Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software by Dassault Systemes and it is largely used in different disciplines of Engineering. Today, FEA tools are becoming extremely widespread owing to the increased computation power and their ability to simulate highly sophisticated elements, structures, and system under different scenarios and loading conditions.

    Learning Abaqus from a beginner to an expert level is quite challenging. This is common with most FEA software in the market. Fortunately, learners can take advantage of the readily accessible systematic tutorials or hire an Abaqus tutors to get you started. Even so, it is likely that learners will have a hard time to polish their skills in the use of Abaqus. It takes a great deal of practice to rise to the level of expert in FEA software packages.

    Abaqus is a suite featuring a wide range of products designed for specific applications within it. For example, Abaqus/CAE is designed to create models, analysis, and job management as well as result visualization. Abaqus/Standard is designed to provide users with accurate stress solutions in both static and low speed dynamics. Abaqus/Explicit is meant for transient dynamics and short duration impacts and events. Another key product is the Abaqus/CFD that is used in simulation of fluid dynamics as well as heat transfer and thermal and fluid structural cases.

    As discussed above, the learning curve is quite steep for any FEA software. Fortunately, Dassault Systemes has its own 3DS Academy where Abaqus learners can access high quality materials and resources.

    There is also a vast range of unofficial learning resources available online that include tutorials to learner’s guides. There are equally smaller communities that exist where learners can access assistance with troubleshooting different errors and issues. University educators, researchers and students can get Abaqus for free provided they apply for 3DS Academy account.