SolidWorks Training

Benefits of being a certified SolidWorks

In today’s world, it is crucial for people to arm themselves with knowledge and skills that helps them stand out from the crowd. This makes it easy for them to be recognized as the ideal candidates for a particular job position that they are interested in. Long gone are the times when one had to wait to complete their university education to apply to any company they dream of working for. As competition becomes fiercer, one needs to gain an edge over other applicant if they are to win the job they have been eyeing. For CAD experts, gaining an edge involves getting a SolidWorks training certificate!

What is SolidWorks?

Thanks to technological advancements, the number of Computer Aided Design systems used in the industry continues to rise. Among the trending software is a SolidWorks (SOLIDWORKS) that is used in design and 3D modelling. Designed to run on Windows platform, SolidWorks comes as a major relief to designers and engineers across the globe by easing electronic design processes as well as simplifying 3D visualization.

For institutions that work with 3D modelling software, buying SolidWorks and enrolling their staff in SolidWorks training is a wise investment. The same applies to engineers and designers who use solid modellers to make the designing process easier and also to visualise, collaborate as well as to develop electro-mechanical designs among others.

The number of companies and individuals acknowledging the importance of SolidWorks in their daily activities continues to rise by the day. This has also triggered a rise in demand for SolidWorks training both online and in the offline setting. Similarly, SolidWorks Subscriptions are on a steady rise as more students join the bandwagon to build on their prowess in using the Computer Aided Design software. Of course, there are benefits that come with completing the SolidWorks Training and being certified.

Benefits of SolidWorks Training Certification

Among the benefits of enrolling for SolidWorks classes and ultimately being a certified professional is that it soups up your resume. A potential employer looking at your resume would prefer to see a certificate that proves you have undergone SolidWorks training rather than you stating that you know how to use it. Certification is also evidence that you know your way around the highly sophisticated software. Completing SolidWorks courses also means that you will be able to offer SolidWorks help to others and therefore be of great importance in a company.

Another benefit of being SolidWorks certified is that it helps you stand out from the rest, especially where working for a consultancy that focuses on 3D designs. It also helps to distinguish your abilities and competence and a valuable asset to the company.

These are just but a few of the benefits that come with successfully completing your SolidWorks Training since they are too many to discuss in a single post. Hopefully, by now it is clear why SolidWorks is important in the modern day engineering and designers realm. Learning SolidWorks can be easy. In fact, you can easily get started by downloading SolidWorks tutorial pdf and work your way onto proficiency. Alternatively, you can easily enrol in a SolidWorks online course and enjoy learning from the comfort of your home or office and at a time convenient to you.

Tips To Help You Ace Your SolidWorks Skills

In the world of computer-aided design software, SolidWorks is fast becoming the preferred option for engineers and designers. If you are versed in the basics of SolidWorks and eager to ace your skills in the highly sophisticated tech tool, the sure way to go about it is by enrolling for SolidWorks courses. SolidWorks is a set of powerful tools for engineering designs. It is used to design better products regardless of the scale of your business. It also allows designers to test virtual prototypes. With this in mind, it is clear to see why improving your skills is not a small achievement.

To make the most out of this software, you must be fully conversant with all its operations. This means understanding every nook and cranny coupled with different add-on program that make up SolidWorks. The only way to achieve this is by enrolling for SolidWorks training where you learn how to use SolidWorks for different projects. The better you understand it, the more efficient and productive when using the software. Discussed below are a few tips to help you improve your design skill and become efficient in using SolidWorks.

  1. Formal SolidWorks Classes. The best way to get started is by enrolling in formal SolidWorks classes. Classroom learning allows you to enjoy hands-on instruction from a professional tutor. Students in a classroom setting are required to show up and learn. The pressure from other students also works as motivation for one to put in extra effort unlike when you learn SolidWorks on your own.
  2. SolidWorks online course. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now plenty of online training content for those who prefer homeschooling. Learning SolidWorks online allows you to learn at your own pace, although motivation determines one’s success. All you need to do is to Google SolidWorks training and you will find numerous course and SolidWorks tutorials to get you started.
  3. Value Added Resellers (VARs). Keep an eye on events for newbies from your SolidWorks VAR. It is common for VARs to host seminar or webinars where students get to learn SolidWorks and improve their skills.
  4. SolidWorks Groups: To stay up to date with the current developments in the world of CADs and specifically SolidWorks, you should consider joining a group of its users. Most of these groups are free to join and you can easily learn a few technical tips from fellow users. Visit to locate a group near you.
  5. Be a regular user. If you want to be the go-to- person and the SolidWorks guru in your organization, you need to be a regular user of the software. This is an easy way to get yourself to the level of an expert while self-motivating yourself to learn more.
  6. Online discussion forums. Taking part in discussion forums is a great way to get SolidWorks help or to offer advice based on your experiences. Check out, which is the official discussion forum by SolidWorks.
  7. CSWP Test. The Certified SolidWorks Professional exam is the standard measure of competency in using the software. These tests help you to build confidence in your skills while at the same time making it easy for employers to recognize you as a certified user.
  8. Create CAD Standards. To guarantee top productivity in SolidWorks, consider starting a CAD standard book. By documenting the processes of starting a new part and drawing, handling different design revision, and how to manage standard parts among other procedures, you build on your long-term skills.
  9. A mix and match approach to the above techniques is a great way to learn SolidWorks. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Since there is a new release every year, you need to stay up to date with the new features of the software.

    How to Learn SolidWorks without Physically Attending Training Sessions

    The fact that you are reading this means you are serious about enrolling in SolidWorks training to gain a new skill and become a proficient user. Like most learners, you want to spend just a couple of days in the SolidWorks training with an expert to help you learn new techniques and get answers to your questions. Unfortunately, with the endless hustles and bustles of the day to day life, you can make it to local SolidWorks training. Some of the reasons why this might be the case include:

  10. You have a strict work schedule and no time to spare for classroom SolidWorks training sessions.
  11. You have to be in the office to take care of different issues, making it hard to enrol in office training.
  12. The training facility is not immediately accessible
  13. You want to learn SolidWorks in the comfort of your home or office
  14. Local training centres do not have classes available for you
  15. Solution: SolidWorks online Course

    An online trainer understands that above reasons that make it impossible for you to attend SolidWorks training session, which is why they are dedicated to offering a convenient alternative for busy users. If leaving your office is not an option, the classroom can be brought right into your office for just a few hours during your workday. By committing a few hours to learn SolidWorks online, you get the same certification as with live class courses. All this can be done without disrupting your work schedule!

    Whether you are interested in SolidWorks simulation tutorial or SolidWorks flow simulation tutorial, you can find a trainer for just that. Online training takes place in an interactive learning environment or by sharing SolidWorks training files. The interactive environment allows the learner and tutor to exchange questions and answers via video chat.

    Some features and benefits of taking SolidWorks training online include:

    1. Convenient training with minimum disruptions to your schedule. Taking a SolidWorks online course means you enjoy least disruption to your schedule. The live training session can take a little as an hour per day.
    2. Training by certified SolidWorks Trainers. When choosing a trainer, make sure that they are adequately experienced and capable of providing the best practices and tips.
    3. Live training is more effective than SolidWorks tutorial pdf. Let us be honest. Reading through long tutorial can be quite boring! Besides, who has the time for that? With live training sessions, the trainer is there to answer all your questions and offer SolidWorks help upon request.
    4. Hands-on Practical Training. Online SolidWorks training gives you time to try out different exercise and learn by using the software under the guidance of an expert.
    5. Certificate after completing the course. Just like in the normal SolidWorks classes, upon successfully completing you course, most training platforms will award you a certificate. This acts as proof of your proficiency in SolidWorks.


    Without a doubt, enrolling for SolidWorks training online is the ultimate way to learn the software. Online SolidWorks classes eliminates the extra time and expenses incurred attending training in an offsite training facility. Online training is as effective as offline training since it is done by trainers who are adept in using the software.

    Live trainers will present you with the SolidWorks training files live and are readily accessible for questions, mentoring, and discussions, just like in the regular classroom setting. At the same time, learning SolidWorks online eliminate the need to travel to the training facility. Instead, with a reliable internet connection, you can easily attend the live class in the comfort of your office or home.

    Convenient and flexible schedule is another reason why you should consider taking your SolidWorks classes online. Some sessions will run for just a couple of hours leaving adequate time for instructions and exercises. In addition, classes are not offered on a daily basis to accommodate learners with busy schedules. In the end, you end up spending the same time for instructions and practice as you would in a normal classroom setting.

    SolidWorks training files are the same as those used in the offline classes. Most online tutors will share the material before the session starts. At the same point, online SolidWorks training means you get to enjoy full lab exercise. All instructions are usually followed by practice with the instructor using specialized technology to monitor the learner and answer question and provide suggestions where needed.