About Us

What Makes Tufuzu The Best Online Education Platform

Tufuzu.com is an online education platform that allows anyone to learn any skill through video lessons and live sessions as well as question & answer forums. We help you gain the skills you need to transform your life and achieve personal as well as professional goals

Our Learning Model

Tufuzu’s model has three main features:

1. On-demand - Video-based, Self-Paced Training and Live Course

This is a form of video-based training that allows you to learn anytime, anywhere. This is mainly in form of recorded video lectures created by expert instructors in their field of specialisation. Once you enrol, you can also request for additional on-demand videos and other personal learning assistance from the instructor. The platform also provides live courses which are scheduled at specific times during the week. All live lessons are recorded, therefore, if you miss any live lesson you can still access it later on your course dashboard.

2. Student-Centered Learning Solutions

Our Student-Centered Learning solutions allow our students to decide what to learn and when to learn it. The Expert Question & Answer feature allows students to ask any question ranging from technology, business, engineering, software, creative skills and many more. You can wait for free answers or request to get instant answers from the relevant experts at a fee. The answers can be in form of a video, CAD drawings, word document, and many more. The other Student-Centered Learning solution is the ‘Request A Custom Course’ feature. This feature allows you to request for a custom course on virtually any topic. If you want to learn how to model a jet engine in Solidworks, develop a game using Java, program a robot, play a guitar or any other new skill you want to learn, this is the feature for you. The custom course can either be a recorded video, a live course or both.

3. Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring

Whether you're looking for immediate help with an engineering design problem or task, programming, CAD modelling, creative art or any other task, Tufuzu.com is your prime destination for online, on-demand help. Tufuzu.com has online expert tutors who can help you in any field. Our Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring is a way to help you learn a new skill or solve a work related problem quickly. It is also a great way to help students prepare for exams, review concepts, catch up with the missed classes and home assignments. In online tutoring, students can access online sessions at any time convenient to them and on any computer either at their workplace or home hence eliminating the need to go to coaching centres. Our platform also allows tutoring sessions to be customized to focus only on topics of your interest.

Why Tufuzu.com?

Tufuzu.com is the only online education platform that embraces Student-Centered Learning. Tufuzu.com puts students' interests first and acknowledges student voice as the most significant aspect of learning experience. Tufuzu.com allows students to choose what they want to learn, how they will learn, when they will learn, and how they will assess their own learning. Tufuzu.com takes note of the individual differences in learners. For instance, we recognise that students have different interests, abilities, preferences, and learning styles. With our custom course feature, you can request for a tailored course for the specific skill you want to achieve.

For tutors/instructors

Tufuzu.com provides a platform through which tutors can earn money online as they showcase their expertise. Unlike the fixed salary jobs that characterize the offline world, Tufuzu allows you to decide on the hours you want to work, the syllabus you want to teach and how much you want to charge per hour. This means tutoring can be as short as 15 minutes or you can be fully booked throughout the year. You can also create your own courses in any field that you are an expert in. Remember, for any skill that you know, there’s someone else somewhere who is willing to pay to learn the skill.