How Tufuzu Works

Table of Contents

1. For Students

A. Getting Started

B. Enrolling In Video Courses/Live Courses

C. Custom Course Request

D. Question & Answer Feature

E. Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring

2. For Tutors

A. Getting Started

B. Creating Your Course

C. Question & Answer and the Custom Course Service

D. Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring

E. Payments

F. Miscellaneous

1. For Students

A. Getting Started.

Whether you want to learn a new skill or you are in need of a tutor to prepare for your exams, review concepts, catch up with the missed classes, solve your home assignments or solve a work related problem quickly, just register with us as a student and get instant help.

B. Enrolling In Video Courses/Live Courses.

Once you are registered, you can browse through our courses , select you preferred course and enrol. You will have lifetime access to the course and you can watch it at any time. You can decide to watch it on our platform, or download and watch it offline on your device.

C. Custom Course Request.

If none of the courses on our platform meets your requirements, simply request for a custom course and our expert tutors will be more than willing to create you a tailored course at your price. Once you send a request, tutors will place their bids and you can select your preferred tutor based on price as well as their expertise.

D. Question & Answer Feature.

Do you have a question that you would like to seek answers from experts? Just post the question on our platform and receive expert answers. If you want instant answers, simply request for instant expert answer at a fee.

E. Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring.

Are you in need of a tutor? Browse through the list of experts on our website, check their profile and identify your preferred tutor based on their schedule, hourly rate and skills. Send your preferred tutor a message directly on their profile and arrange for the live tutoring session. Once your tutor is logged in and starts the lesson/meeting at the agreed time, go to their profile and click ‘start lesson’. You will be logged into the virtual classroom ready to start learning. The entire tutoring session will be recorded and made available for playback on your dashboard. Note: you must have credits in your account equivalent to the tutor’s hourly rate in order to use this service.

2. For Tutors

A. Get Started.

Looking to earn money as you showcase your expertise? is the best place to be. Millions of people around the world are ready to hire you to teach them new skills and to help them solve work-related projects as well as other technology issues. Simply register with us to start earning money as you build your online reputation. To register, simply click on the ‘Register’ tab, select ‘I want to teach’, provide the required credentials, accept terms and conditions and submit your request. You will receive an activation link in your email and your account will be activated once you click on it. If you don’t receive the activation link 30 minutes after submitting you request, contact support through the ‘Contact us’ page. First check the spam folder before contacting support. Once your account is activated, log into your account and complete your profile by submitting your CV, and completely filling out the details on your profile page. This is extremely important for verification purposes just to ensure that we are dealing with professionals but not frauds. The Quality Assurance department will review your application and you will receive a notification immediately you are approved as a premium instructor. Only premium instructors can charge students. When your account is approved, you can set your hourly rate to enable you charge students for online tutoring services. All personal information is protected as provided in our privacy policy. Check our Restricted Persons list under our instructor terms before submitting your application.

B. Creating Your Course.

Once you have been approved as a premium instructor, you can create your video or live course by simply clicking on the ‘create course’ tab. All necessary steps and instructions are provided on the course creation page. Check our Restricted Topics list before creating your course. After submitting your course, the Quality Assurance department will review it and either approve it or request for editing. Once approved, the course will be displayed on our course listing ready to be purchased by millions of students worldwide. Get more information about payment and other relevant information from the instructor terms page.

C. Question & Answer and the Custom Course Service.

Students may opt to request for a custom course or post questions on our platform and request for expert answers. As a premium instructor, simply place your bid on the request and wait for the student’s approval to answer the questions or create a custom course.

D. Live (Virtual) Online Tutoring.

All approved premium tutors are listed on our tutor list. When listed on this list, students looking for tutoring services can review your profile and request for your tutoring services. When you receive the tutoring request, you can go ahead to set a meeting time that’s convenient to both you and the student. At the meeting time, go on your profile and click on ‘Start Lesson’. You will be directed to a virtual classroom ready to start teaching. You must start the lesson first before the student logs in. Once you are logged in, you can contact the student via the messaging board on Tufuzu to join the class. The student will be charged based on your hourly rate and the duration of the live session.

E. Payments.

Our revenue sharing model is provided in our Pricing And Promotions Policy as well as our Instructor Terms & Conditions.

F. Miscellaneous.

For any other enquiry on how our system works, reach us through the contact information provided on the Contact Us page.