Trust and safety

Community Code of Conduct

1) Do not spam

Students come to Tufuzu to enjoy a safe and interactive learning experience while the instructors teach because of their passion of sharing knowledge. Instructors are prohibited to sell other products or to spam other instructors with requests and offers in this platform.

2) Do not game the system

• Instructors are urged not to direct Tufuzu students away from the Tufuzu platform, extend the limit on what is allowed or not allowed, or look for loopholes in Tufuzu policies. Tufuzu wants its student community to grow and so is every other instructor. Hence when one games the system, then the whole community loses out on obtaining a common pool of engaged students who want to learn.

• Students are prohibited from harassing their instructors, asking for free coupons or offering reviews in exchange for things. You are expected to take the initiative of understanding and following the tufuzu policies. Tufuzu community depends on a healthy engagement between the instructors and the students, and also on honest student feedback so as to understand the courses that are right for them.

3) Maintain professionalism

Tufuzu instructors actively interact and cooperate with each other. The students and instructors have healthy and lively discussions through the course-taking experience. Through these relationships, you are urged to be respectful, sincere and considerate with students, instructors and Tufuzu staff. You are also urged to be a positive member of the tufuzu community. Personal information should never be asked for and posting of unoriginal content as one’s own is strictly prohibited.

4) If you see something, say something

In case you are not sure of a policy or see something that seems like a violation, kindly email us at Tufuzu has a team that reviews every report. This team will answer all your questions and will determine whether our policies have been violated or not. We will help you understand our policies and be successful on tufuzu

Violation of our Policies

Both our students and instructors are good and responsible members. We know that everyone is prone to making mistakes and one may not know what is deemed okay and what is not. Therefore when the violation is made for the first time, there will be a warning given. However if the violation is repeated,or if there is another violation of any of our policies then punitive measures will be taken. You are expected to take the initiative of understanding and following the Tufuzu policies. Resources will be provided in order to help you understand our policies better, and learn how to be successful on Tufuzu platform. We are also happy to have direct talks with you so as to better your understanding on what is okay and what is not okay.

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